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The Most Delicious Chocolate

A 20-YEAR PASSION FOR CHOCOLATE Established in 1999,
Chocolat Central is fully
dedicated to the import and
distribution of professional
quality Belgian chocolate.

Canada’s Exclusive Belcolade Representative

As the only representatives of Belcolade in all of Canada, we are proud to have partnered with a manufacturer of the finest Belgian chocolate. Produced exclusively in Erembodegem, Belcolade guarantees that its chocolates are made from 100% cocoa butter and 100% natural vanilla. Belcolade is also known or having developed a sensory analysis tool called Les Arômes de Cyrano, which maps very specific flavor profiles to help describe the unique characteristics of single origin chocolates

Discover our dark, milk, and white chocolates, as well as our praline and ice cream products. Be sure to also seek out our kosher, halal, responsible, fair trade, and organic certified products.

The best chocolate in the world. Pure and simple.

Chocolat Central

Our company’s number one mission is to get the word out on real Belgian chocolate through a service tailored to distributors, producers, manufacturers, artisans and consumers.

Catherine Jamoulle has long been passionate about high quality chocolate. Having moved to Canada from Europe in 1984, she spent many years in the family business, becoming a pioneer in the import and distribution of all types of chocolate. With years of invaluable experience under her belt, she then decided to found Chocolat Central CJ Inc., an esteemed distributor of first rate chocolate. To this day, Catherine and her team strive to inspire and support the finest chocolatiers, bakers, and pastry chefs in the industry.