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Kosher, Halal, Organic and Fair Trade Certified Chocolate

Kosher certified chocolate

Belcolade offers both Kosher Dairy and pareve certified chocolate, ensuring that their products are prepared according Hebrew dietary laws. In their natural state, fruits, seeds, and vegetables are inherently kosher. The Kosher Dairy Equipment certification indicates that a product contains milk or dairy products (cheese, cream, butter) from a kosher animal under the supervision of the Rabbinate.

Pareve is a designation indicating that a food does not contain dairy/meat products, by-products, or derivatives. This certification guarantees an even stricter procedure that is consistent with the dietary laws of Judaism. These foods can be ideal for those with milk allergies or who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

CRC is the largest regional non-profit Orthodox organization in North America, offering a wide variety of services that include kosher supervision and the certification of kosher products.

Halal Certified Chocolate

Chocolat Central also offers halal certified products, which meet the dietary requirements of Islamic law.

Organic Certified Chocolate

CERTISYS has been active for more than 30 years at international level and is the first control body specialised in organic farming in Belgium. Our control body codes that should be mentioned on the labels are BE-BIO-01 for Belgium and LU-BIO-06 for LuxembourgAs an official control and certification body, Certisys has, over the years, become a source of support for the organic food industry and its representative in dealing regulatory authorities. Our inspectors visit sites and examine the environment and the operation, verifying that every organic food product that is being put on the market – whether it is grown on site, imported, processed, stored, packaged or transported – conforms to national and European norms for organic farming.We keep ourselves meticulously up to date with all legislative changes, and work alongside new projects to ensure that the way they work is authentically “biological”​.The vocation of Certisys is not to be a council body. Our mission is the control and the inspection, to achieve this mission we can give you information.

Certified Fair Trade Chocolate and Cacao-Trace

Chocolat Central is proud to present the new Cacao-Trace seal from Belcolade, which ensures responsible, sustainable cocoa sourcing. Thanks to an improved fermentation process, the Cacao-Trace program offers a tastier chocolate and generates added value at all levels, from producer to consumer.

Additionally, we offer a range of fair trade chocolate products. Fair trade certification reflects the traceability of cocoa beans, as well as the sustainability of all production and harvesting techniques. By choosing our fair trade chocolate, you contribute to the quality of life of cocoa producers, encourage responsible practices, and enjoy a high quality product.

Belcolade guarantees a product made from 100% cocoa butter and 100% natural vanilla.

The delectable consistency and shine of our chocolate is due to our exclusive use of cocoa butter, without any additional fat from other sources.

Fairtrade certified chocolate

Chocolat Central has worked for several years with the Fairtrade organisation to create a better future for farmers, agricultural workers and for the planet. The Fairtrade organisation ensures decent working conditions, no child labour, sound environmental practices, agricultural workers training, health care investment, building vital infrastructures, and to build strong business relationships. Chocolat Central pays a fee to support the Fairtrade organisation’s programs.