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Chocolat Central policies

Shipping & Delivery

Chocolate is vulnerable to excess heat and cold as well as sudden temperature changes, which is why we guarantee a reliable shipping process that takes these factors into account.


We are exclusively affiliated with delivery companies that use temperature-controlled transportation, as well as ones that guarantee short delivery times. Under your responsibility, we will submit to the delivery company that best suits your particular needs, only allowing your order to be loaded if the trucks are perfectly clean and odour-free.

We will send out your requested merchandise only after we have acquired your approval of the shipping costs.

We also offer supplemental shipping protection. If desired, we can repackage your goods according to your specifications, at an additional cost.


If a product you have ordered is out of stock, we will not automatically send out a substitute product. However, we offer the following options:

  • Choose another product
  • Wait for the delivery of the goods
  • Cancel the order


We accept both MasterCard and Visa credit cards as well as cheques and bank transfers. Note: a service fee of 3% is added to payments via credit card.

Please contact us if you’d like to submit a different form of payment.

Our products are tax-free; only shipping taxes are applicable:

  • Customers in Quebec must pay QST and GST.
  • Canadian customers outside of Quebec must pay GST.

Shipping Costs

The customer assumes the costs associated with the shipment of their goods. Any requested merchandise will be delivered only after you have agreed to these costs.

Privacy Policy

Under no circumstance will we disclose your information to a third party. We do not request any confidential information through email. No credit reference is transmitted without the consent of our clients.

We neither sell nor disclose any email address or message we receive. Your email is used by members of our team to respond to queries and to satisfy your customer service needs. We take the liberty of storing your comments and/or suggestions in order to improve our website and services.

In order to keep your file up to date, the information disclosed to us when placing an order is stored in our system. Email solicitations will not be sent except upon request.

Because we value your privacy, we also ensure the robust security of our website.